Join Vasuda Healthcare Analytics, and invest with Bhavneesh Sharma, MBBS, MD, MBA (Finance, NYU-Stern)

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I invite you to try Vasuda Healthcare Analytics, premium US Biotech/Pharma event-driven investment research service.

This service is for primarily for investors who want to do intraday/swing trading in 3x leveraged ETFs including biotech ETFs which can be very profitable.

It is also targeted at investors who want to play the biotech events like data releases, FDA decision dates etc. profitably, with good reward/risk management using hedging by options, etc.

The service also provides a core portfolio of 30-40 biotech stocks which are swing traded around catalysts.

I have 20-years of clinical and research experience in academic and private practice/community settings, including at Harvard and Cornell affiliated hospitals. I also have an MBA in Finance, Financial Markets specialization from New York University's Stern School of Business (ranked among top 3 finance MBA programs in the U.S.). I run a biotech/pharma focused investment management firm, Vasuda Capital Management.

I was ranked number one analyst on SumZero's Institutional Research Platform (May 2019) based on the performance of stock picks for the last 12 months.

I am ranked among the top 15 financial bloggers on Tipranks based on the performance of stock picks. I have been invited for talks at prominent universities like MIT and NYU-Stern.  

The most important part of the service is the breaking insights and trade alerts on biotech/pharma companies that I post in the chat room. So please check the chat room at least once daily.

I attend investor and academic conferences regularly (for example, ASGCT annual conference, Cowen’s annual healthcare conference, Jefferies annual healthcare conference etc.) and meet KOLs/experts/management, etc. My observations are shared with the subscribers only.

The second most important part of the service is the posts that I make suggestions on how to play biotech/pharma events using options.

The third most important part of the service is the swing trading alerts that I provide on 3x ETFs (both long and short side) covering the S&P 500 Index, the Russell 2000 Index and Biotech Indexes in the service chat room (which I do myself). Recently, I also started providing swing trading alerts on bitcoin after doing it myself.

Another very important part of the service is to the ability to ask me questions, my opinion on individual biotech/pharma companies in the chat room and also gain insights from the trades of other members so that we can all benefit from over collective wisdom.

There are also spreadsheets on some recent short-term trades and long-term portfolio under ‘tools’. We trade around events in this service.

These subscriber-only features are not available on my contributions to the public Seeking Alpha site. 

Several successful contrarian calls in the past include picking Juno after FDA trial hold till it got acquired at approx 4x gain, picking Tobira Therapeutics after trial failure for a 7x gain after acquisition, picking Vital Therapies after trial failure for 4x gain after reverse merger, picking Inotek Pharmaceuticals after trial failure for 4x gain after reverse merger, and picking Alnylam after FDA hold for a 2.5x gain.

I hope to see you in our investor community.

Bhavneesh Sharma, MD, MBA 
- Founder/Editor, Vasuda Healthcare Analytics
- Insights contributor, SumZero's Buy-side Institutional Platform

- Founder Biotech Analyst:
- Founder, Vasuda Capital Management 

Cumulative performance: Jan 2017 to June 2019
VCM cumulative accounts: outperforming benchmark, Nasdaq Biotechnology Index.

Premium service reviews

"The best I have ever seen in the biotech space...I have been in the biotech investing space for a while and have not seen a service like the one Dr. Bhavneesh provides."

"Great service with in-depth research on biotech stocks. I appreciate that Dr. Sharma will take the time to review and publish reports/updates on stocks that members request. Biotech investing is very complex and it's great to have someone so knowledgeable guiding us."

"If you want to invest in biotech following events (catalysts), this is the right service for you. His research is based on his knowledge, experience and interview with KOLs."

"Vasuda Healthcare Analytics provides very timely, well-researched investment opportunities that both novice and highly experienced investors may benefit from."

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